on it

Simple reminders for the things you'd rather forget


onit.today is an easy to use to-do list for households, families and small teams, focused on simplicity and privacy

Set reminders for tasks that automatically repeat on any schedule

Automatic notifications for upcoming due dates

Invite your family to share in household chores

We respect your privacy and never sell any of your data


The basic repeating to-do list features of onit.today are free for one person to use. Want a shared list to keep everyone on the same page? With a household membership you can invite your whole family (or roommates, or dog) and everyone can add both personal and shared items to their to-do lists.


All of the repeating to-do list items, just for you.

$20 / year

Get your whole family on it, invite unlimited collaborators and share your repeating to-dos.


Does onit.today have a mobile app?

A native app for iOS and Android is coming in the next few months, and in the meantime onit.today works well if you add it to the home screen of your phone. We want families to be able to use onit without asking everyone to install the app, so we're focusing on making it a great experience on the web first.

Why should I use onit.today instead of Wunderlist / Todoist / Microsoft To Do or any of the other thousands of apps?

Onit.today is intentionally simple. We found that all of the other to-do lists out there that offer repeating schedules either didn't support shared lists, or had too many extra features.

We're not trying to be the most feature-full to-do list app, and we're not expecting people to build their entire lives around the app.